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Introduction - introducing the enigma

Who was Kokopelli ?

Tolec Flute Player ?

A modern day mix of Katchina and Clan Icon  ?

How Kokopelli arrived at Canyon de Chelly

Rock Art

Petroglyphs and Pictographs

Pictograph in California

What is Radio Carbon Dating ?

Purpose of Rock Art

Rock Art Pictures

Flute Player / Hunchback Page 1

Cedar Mesa

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Pony Hills

Sand Island

Utah, undisclosed location

Canyon de Chelly

Palatki Cliff Dwellings

Caņon Pintado

Flute Player / Hunchback Page 2

Petroglyph National Monument


Dinosaur National Monument

Shay Canyon

CanyonLands Park

Horseshoe Canyon

Flute Player / Hunchback Page 3

Unknown - South West New Mexico

Behind the Rocks, San Juan

Seven Mile Canyon

Homolovi, Winslow Arizona

Little Petroglyph Canyon

Flute Player / Hunchback Page 4

V Bar V Ranch


Flute Player - Feathered Pack Page 5 

Crow Canyon, New Mexico

Southeast of Cullowhee, NC

Rock Art Analysis

Analysis of Kokopelli Images     

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