I hope that all the information here is accurate. If I have made any mistakes, or if you have something to add, then please tell me. This web-site is a living document, and for your benefit as much as mine. If I have said something here which causes offence, then please be assured that it was not intended, and I will be happy to modify the offending portion.

I am very much against unwanted product information on websites. You have my assurance that I will not post banners or advertising here. If you want Kokopelli products, and very fine some of them are too, search Google with the keywords +Kokopelli +gift and you will doubtless get an extensive choice.

Lastly, if you liked the site, please say so, and if you didn't then feel free to say that too. If I don't know, it won't get better ! 

In case you were wondering who I am, I am Dave.  I went to a music school as a kid where I sang and played the flute, studied Latin, Greek, Ancient History and Archaeology at University, worked as an accountant for 2 years with people who didn't simply go to restaurants but who instead "discovered wonderful little" ones, left and did an MSc in Software Engineering and am now a freelance developer. I study Thai in my spare time.

Email: kokopelli@kokopelli.info

Thank you !